Gamma2 Vittles Vault Airtight Pet Food Storage Container


Pet Food Goes Stale! Gamma2 Keeps Your Food Fresh!
Airtight Seal Keeps Food Fresh
keeps pet food odor contained in the vault

Size:50 Pound

Airtight/Watertight Space Efficient Square Style with Molded Handles Gamma2 Vittles Vault Square Containers Pets come in all sizes and styles and so do pet food containers. That’s why we created the Vittles Vault Prime line – these containers are designed to be the Best in Class and keep your dry pet food fresh and pest free. Lock-Down double gaskets and storage efficient shapes make the Vittles Vault Prime the ultimate choice. Premium features and heavy duty construction allow these containers to last for decades–literally! Airtight Heavy Duty Easy Spin On / Off lid Lock-Down Double Gaskets Molded handles Stackable Made from High Density Polyethylene, FDA Approved Food Grade Plastic. BPA free. We care about the safety and storage of food, for people and pets! Vittles Vaults are completely recyclable. Weights are estimates and will vary in keeping with size and density of kibble. Supplied parts: Container with Screw on/off threaded gasketed lid and a one cup scoup. Replacement lids and/or gaskets are to be had online. Care -We recommend thoroughly washing and drying your Vittles Vault container often. Through the years, oils absorb into the plastic, which can cause food to turn out to be rancid. When that happens, your furry friend would possibly not wish to eat it.

Pet Food Goes Stale! Gamma2 Assists in keeping Your Food Fresh!
Airtight Seal Assists in keeping Food Fresh
Assists in keeping pet food odor contained in the vault
Heavy Duty Design
Easy AccessAirtightFda ApprovedHolds 50-Pound Of Food
Heavy duty design
Easy get entry to
FDA approved
Holds 50-pound of food

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